Rookie League Rules

The rookie Division is intended to give 7, 8 and light 9 year olds a chance to compete with each     other. All players who will be 7, 8 or 9 years old by Aug. 1st are eligible to participate. All players shall participate as much as possible. Light 9 yr. old is 60 pounds and under.

  1. Anytime during the game a team has a lead of 23 points or more, the team is asked to take out their backfield or remove their top players. Unless they don’t have enough players to replace the starters, they will then have to move the main ball carriers to other positions. The clock will continuously run when the lead is 23 points or more. Once the continuous clock starts, the game will stay in continuous clock no matter if the score stays over or under the 23 points.
  2. Time of each quarter shall be 7 minutes long.
  3. Rookie league will play on a full length field of 100 yards.
  4. Players bench shall absolutely reserved for players and coaches.
  5. League approved ball is K2 ball.
  6. The league has no over-all weight limit in any division but with the following guidelines. Weight Restrictions- No over all weight limit. Weight limit for skilled positions (any positions) is 85.9 pounds and under. Any player over 85.9 will have an green x sticker placed on their helmet and will play only offensive or defensive line (tackle to tackle). At anytime during the game a player with a green x sticker comes into contact with the ball will be down at that spot being it a fumble, interception etc. Its the responsibility of the coaching staff to make sure before each game that each player has stickers placed on helmets. Lt. 9 yr old is 60.9 lbs. or under. The official weight for the whole year is at equipment issue.
  7. Extra point- run or kick from the 3 yard line worth one point, run or kick from the ten yard worth 2 points.
  8. Two time outs per half. Rookie plays 11 on 11.
  9. 30 yards will be given for a punt (10 second run off time) or half the distance if under 30 yards to goal line. No kickoffs or returns. 10 yard chains will be used for first downs.
  10. Everyone must start/play one side of ball (offense or defense) for entire game regardless of how many players you may have. In playoffs this rule stays the same. NO FREE SUBSTITUTION
  11. One coach on offense and defense may be allowed on the field but can not direct the players once the play starts. The coach can not at anytime interfere with the play or their team will/may forfeit the right to have a coach on the field. Coach must stay behind line of scrimmage at all times. MAX. 4 COACHES PER TEAM
  12. Offensive line must be in a 2, 3 or 4 point stance and defensive line must be in a 3 or 4 point stance. This rule applies in between the tackles only, both sides of the ball. Offensive line separation max. is 3 feet between each player (tackle to tackle) only.
  13. There will be a tournament at the end of the year and all teams will participate.

The league will go by Ky High School Federation Rules except where noted in the rules (All Divisions). (playing rules only)