ODC Babe Ruth Rules

Below are the league rules for the ODC Babe Ruth League:

Rules 2017
1. Owensboro Daviess County Babe Ruth plays by the official baseball rules with a few addendums by Babe Ruth Baseball Corporate Headquarters in Trenton NJ
2. The league will have three different age groups 1. MIDDLE SCHOOL PREP LEAGUE- For 13-14 year olds. 2. 13-16 HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE- For 13-16 year olds that are high school players will play for their respected high school teams . PREP HIGH SCHOOL- for players 14-18 year olds.. All leagues will have just one season due to it starting later. Standings determined by point system -One point for win and half a point for a tie. MAY ALSO HAVE 18U HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION.
3. Each team is allowed 2 options. 1. Managers option and/or a coach’s option. Options will be Placed in the following rounds. If a team has one option the option will be placed in the second round and if the team has two options then the players will be placed in first and second rounds. Only option allowed for Babe Ruth League is in the following form. 1. Child option. 2. Sibling option. 3. Brother/Sister of manager or coach falls in child option. OR teams may be place by schools
4. Order of draft will be drawn and will be an S Draft (prep only).
5. All players will go into draft. A Brothers/sisters option must be taken on the same team and the players brother/sister option will go at the end of that teams draft sheet.
6. All-Star managers are chosen by the board.
7. Managers from high school/PREP division will vote/nominate on all-stars. The team will consist of 13 to 15 players. The 12 players with the most votes are automatically on team if vote is needed. The manager chooses the remaining 3 players who must at least have one vote. If not enough players from high school league present to fill team then players may be taken from prep league. (optional) Tryouts may be used for selecting all stars for each age division also. 16/18 babe ruth team is hand selected.
8. No Mandatory play in Babe Ruth but it’s highly recommended to play each layer as much as possible.
9. 10 run is in effect.
10. Courtesy runner for catcher only, Courtesy runner must be a non starter.
11. Tie breakers- 1. Two- way tie will be a one game play-off. 2. Three way tie or more will be seeded then playoff. *Tie is a Tie, no matter who beat whom during the regular season.
12. All divisions will play 6 inn BUT HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION 7 INNINGS.
13.  If game is a double header, 2nd game will be 15-20 minutes after 1st game is completed.
14. All leagues will get 7 innings per week for pitchers. (Mon thru Sun.).
15. All games in all divisions will be a 2-hour limit for the entire season.
16. If time limit is reached finish the inning and the game is legal, even if you have not played enough innings to be legal by book.
17. Tie games: If a game ends in a tie one extra inning is allowed if six innings had been played and still under time limit. If time limit has been called and the game is tied, the game then will be a tie (no extra innings).Will be played at a later date (if needed).
18. Ejections: 1st offense. 1 game suspension. 2nd offense- 1 calendar week and reviewed by board. Can’t attend practice or games or sit in bleachers and coach.
19. For the season all game times in all divisions will be 5:45 and 7:45. Second game will be played 20 minutes after 1st game. Each team gets 10 min. infield. If 1st game goes longer for some reason no infield for 2nd game. Have teams ready.
20. Rainout: next available spot. Coaches have no say in rescheduling.
21. Home team supplies Scorebook & (1) Concession Worker. Visiting team supplies Scoreboard & (1)  adult @ grill. Concession worker and griller may not be used but still need to report 20 min. before gm.
23. 2 offensive time-outs per inning. 30 seconds long. (w) New inning begins when last out of inning is made. Coaches need sign official book at end of game if not it will be taken as correct.
24. No balks in  prep 1st half only.
25. Extra hitter is optional (recommended).
26. Manager and Coaches must be in team hat and shirt with cleats or tennis shoes. We recommend Manages and Coaches to look alike in coach’s shorts or khaki pants along with team hat & team shirts.
27. If a team doesn’t have enough players for a game in 13-16 High School league they can pick from 14-17 Prep league To fill a team for the one game from designated team. If player from original team becomes present the brought up player cannot play. No player brought up can pitch. *If designated team is playing a game the team needing players must then draw from teams not playing on given day.
28. Any player can play on travel teams out side of Babe Ruth league play as long as they make their league game. Most league games will be during the week (Mon. thru Fri) excluding rainouts.
29. All players must try-out, except option players. Players that don’t make try-outs will be put into a pool to be drawn. Unless excused by the board.
30. If time allows we’ll have a single elimination tournament at the end of the season.
31. Babe Ruth rules will be in play by the league except those changes noted.
32. Players may use metal or rubber cleats. ONLY RUBBUR CLEATS on mound middle shcool
33. Each team will maintain a min. of 12 players and max. of 15 players.

Rules at Panther Creek Park
1) Only time quick dry can be used if a umpire calls for it.
2) If bad weather or lightning occurs, everyone must go to cars and wait to see if game will be called.
3) No new inning after 10p.m. when school is in. 11p.m. when school is out.
4) All games 2 hour limit for entire season.
5) On Sundays lights cannot be turned on.
6) If first game has run over in time, there will be no infield for next game.
7) No arguing with park attendants. They work for Daviess Co. Parks Dept. not BRL.
8) No ball tosses into fences.
9) Keep bleachers and dugouts cleaned up.
10) To reserve a practice field at either Panther Creek Parks, you must call chris stallings 485-9554 the weekend before the given week. Maximum two practices a week reserved at Panther Creek Park. Practice fields open in April.
11) No fieldwork is to be done by anyone except park staff. A rake and shovel will be in the home dugout if any work on mound or home plate is needed if park staff personnel are not around.
12) Unfit playing conditions, when determined by a park staff and/or umpire, all activities stops and no work to save a game. Umpire can request quick dry if needed.
13) No lights during C.A.T.S testing, dates TBA. Exclude Fri and Sat.
14) Do not move bases at panther creek. Do not move bases at Panther Creek from softball distance to baseball distance. Bases must stay put!!! Do not dig up mounds at practice. All fields are taken care of by Daviess Co. Parks Dept and any issues with fields must be taken up with Babe Ruth President before doing anything to fields.

Thank You!