Frequently Asked Questions:

We do our best to provide you with all the information you need to get the best experience out of being a part of our organization. Below are some frequently asked questions we thought we might cover for you!

  • Where will my child play?

    All league games will be played at Waymond Morris Park. Practices will be at the discretion of the head football coach of the team.

  • Which league will my child be in and what is the league cut off date for age of players?

    There will be four divisions. Age cut off date is august 1st of the given year. So if a player turns 10 years old before august 1st then the player will play as a ten year old, if the player turns 10 after august 1st then the player will play as a nine(9) year old. The four divisions are: FLAG DIVISON: For players age 5 and 6 years old ROOKIE DIVISON: For players age 7 and 8 years old JUNIOR DIVISION: For players age 9 and 10 years old VARSITY DIVISION: For players age of 11 and 12 years old

  • What are the weight limitations for the league?

    The league has no over all weight limit but does have a weight limit for each division for running the ball or linebacker positions. Go to rules section on website for all divisions. No weight limits for flag football.

  • Do I have to buy any equipment?

    The league provides all equipment but football cleats (which must be rubber not metal cleats).

  • Does my child have to attend tryouts?

    The league has no tryout, all players that register makes a team.

  • How much will my child get to play?

    Owensboro Daviess County Youth Football League has mandatory play time for all divisions.

  • Can I request or refuse a certain coach?

    If you or your child had a bad experience with a certain Head coach or coach you may request that he not be on that individuals team by writing your request in on your registration form and that coach will be notified. But this in no way ensures that he or she will not be on that team. We cannot and will not change any coach's pick during the draft procedure.

  • Will there be a post- season tournament?

    Yes. Each division will have it's own single elimination tournament. We also host two tournaments (King of the Hill Classic and Ky Cup) for our all star teams which are held in November.

  • Can my 9 year old play in the rookie league or my 11 year old play in the junior league?

    Yes, we do have light 9 and light 11 year olds, if the 9 year old weighs less than 60 pounds and the 11 year old weighs less than 75 pounds than they can play down. No light 7 year olds.

  • How is All Star Teams Selected?

    All Head Coaches discuss all teams and all players and vote to determine the teams. No matter how good the rules, selection of All Star teams is highly subjective, and is sometimes the source of hard feelings. To accurately pick the best players in a league is impossible. One must only look to the major leagues, NFL etc. and the controversy there each year to see how difficult the process is. If your child feels he should have been selected and was not, please explain to him the difficulty of the job of selecting a team, and that perhaps next season his turn will come. This past season there were numerous different all-stars on each divisional teams than were on the previous years teams, so if you don't make it, don't get your chin down, because next year might be your year.

  • Can my child play both Middle School football and Youth Football?

    Yes, the players generally do play both Middle School and Youth Football League.The Middle School season is almost over by the time we start the Varsity Dvision season. The other Divisions do start earlier but we try our best not to conflict with the game dates for the Middle School teams.

  • Do parents have to work concessions?

    Yes, each team will have to pull a work session in the concession stand. A work session is usually 3 hours. All volunteers must be 16 years old for concession and the grill must be a parent.

  • When does the season begin and end?

    The season usually starts with the jamboree at the end of august and the season starts the first weekend in September. The season ends in the first week of November. All Stars always starts in the second weekend of November and the Ky Cup is always Thanksgiving weekend. The Cheerleading Competition at the Sports center is always the first Sunday of November.

  • How much can a team practice?

    Teams can only practice up to three times a week (this includes practicing on game days). All practices must be over by 8pm on any given night. No practice can start before 530pm on weekdays. No practice on Sundays.

  • Is there any charge for games during the season?

    Yes we have a one dollar charge for anyone 12 and over. The charge is to help pay part of the referee expense per game. 12 under is free.

  • Are the Referees certified?

    All officials are High School Certified and tested each year.

  • Can a 13 year old play in the Varsity Division?

    Yes, a 13 year old can play in the Varsity Division if the player is under 100 pounds and does not play Middle School football.

  • How do I sign up to be a Head coach or Assistant coach?

    At Registrations tell them you want to fill out a coaching contract. Each contract is looked at and back ground checks are done to insure the very best coaching staffs.

  • How does the Varsity Division work?

    *This Division will have no Draft. The Players will be put on teams from which the Player attends Middle School.
    *Names of teams from this Division will be Foxes (blue & gold), Red Devils (red & white), Panthers (red & white), Vikings (purple & white), Aces (green, white) and Mclean co. & Ohio co. We also have other Counties that may join into this Division this year.
    *If Player is home schooled then player will be put on a team.
    *This Division has no weight Limit of any kind at any position. Its played just like Middle School Ball.
    *Each team/school name will have two teams. Depending on numbers on how they are broke down. Example one 6th grade team and one 7th grade team or a mixture of both. It all depends on numbers.
    *Division is for 11, 12 and light 13 year olds (13yr old 100 lbs. under). No 13 year old can be on a 6th grade team.
    *All players recommended to play at least one quarter but highly recommended to play as much as possible.
    *Coaches for teams may come from within Middle schools and/or ODC Youth Football league for each team.

    This new Division was formed to help Middle Schools and High Schools to gain numbers and to provide better coaching/football for ODC Youth Football League. We also want to provide more playing time for those 6th graders playing on 7th grade teams still within the Middle School structure, plus give players not within middle school ball a better league with more playing time. Players and Coaches will still register thru ODC Youth Football League and Equipment issues thru us. The only difference is we are putting the teams together by the school player Attends. This will give more playing time, more time together if player does play middle school ball and for those players that dont play school ball they will still get to play for their school they attend and get noticed and/or instructed by Middle school coaches and High School coaches. A win win for all. As with any new division we will learn along the way this first year and changes may be made to better the Division.

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