Flag League Rules


*length football field will be 60 yards. Twenty to twenty yard lines.
*Field shall be divided into 3 zones of 20 yards each. Starting at 20 yd. Line.
*Field shall be a minimum of 40 yards wide and a maximum of 53 1/3 yards wide


Ball provided by league is a K2 ball. Each team will be provided a ball to use for practice and games.
Uniforms- All members of the same team must wear the same color jersey. Jersey must be tucked in. No article of clothing may cover any portion of the players flag. Officials should warn violators between plays. The lower uniform will be athletic pant with velcro. Flag football helmet provided must be worn by all players.
*No jewelry.
*All players must wear a mouthpiece and flag helmet provided by league.
Flags- Each player on the field (9 on offense and 9 on defense) will wear two flags at waist. Flags must be attached to velcro stripes on the side of pant.
*Illegal alteration, securing or substitution of flags will result in removal of player or players from the game. No alteration to equipment issued unless approved by board.
*Any player with less than 2 flags in proper position at the snap shall be ruled deflagged immediately at the point where he/she gains possession of the football.
*Flags must be different color than the players lower uniform. Team must wear the same color flags.
*The official length of the flag will be the length of the flag given to each team at the start of the season.
Shoes- Any flat soled or completely molded cleat are acceptable. Removable cleat, baseball or track spikes or any shoe that have steel or metal tips are prohibited. All players must wear shoes.


Periods- the game shall be played in 2 halves of 20 minutes in length.
*Clock regulations- clock will start each half when the official puts the ball in play.
*In all games the clock will run continuously except for time outs, touchdowns, and at the discretion of the official. Clock will start at the snap after a time out.
Time outs- Each team will have 2 time outs per half. Each team will have one time out during tiebreakers. Half time will be five minutes.


Touchdown- 6 points when hips with flags attached must be on or in advance of the goal line.
Extra point – one point for run or pass from the 3 yard line and two points from the ten yard line. Must declare prior to making the ball ready for play by official.
Safety- 2 points and the ball will be placed on the 40 yard line
Forfeited Game is 7-0.


No weight limit in flag. For players ages 5 and 6 with cutoff date of Aug. 1st. **Light 7   year olds must weigh 50.9 lbs and under and can not run the ball if a light 7 year old.
Flag football is 9 players on 9 with everyone eligible and all players must wear flag.
9 players may only play one side of the ball be it offense or defense but not both. If a team has under 22 players no player can play both ways for more than one half. If a team has over 22 players all members must be assigned a starting position for one full half. If a player gets injured replace the injured player with a player of the same age and  player can’t be in the backfield.
If a team has under 9 players game is declared a forfeit. Team roster shall not exceed 20 Players. Unless approved by Board.
No player shall play in the backfield on offense for both halves. (excluding over time).


All Divisions play by the Kentucky High School Rules and Regulations except where  noted in our league rules.
After the ball is mark ready for play the offense has 30 seconds to put ball in play.
First down- A team is allowed 4 downs to advance the ball from one zone to the next. A zone is to be 20 yards in length starting at the 20 yard line. The zone shall be considered reached when the hips are on or in advance of the line marking the next zone or when the play is considered dead. If team fails to reach the next zone in 4 plays the defense take over.
Stance- Any stance is permitted but Max. distance of 3 feet between offensive linemen (tackle to tackle).
Line Play- Any number of players may be on offensive of defensive lines.
*No defensive player may be within 3 yards of the ball if lined up directly in front of center or in the gaps on either side of the center. In goal line defense you can cover center but player can’t hit center or shoot gap. Goal line is considered 10 yard line and under.
*No player can shoot gap between center and guards and no center sneaks.
Roughing the Passer- Will be called when the rusher while attempting to def lag the quarterback  or block have any contact with the passer when he/she is passing.
Receiving- All players are eligible pass receivers.
Deflagging- The ball carrier is down and ball is dead when either flag is detached from the player pant or when the ball or either knee touches the ground. When a defensive player pulls the ball carriers flag they should stop and hold flag above his/her head for official to see.
*Tackling is prohibited. Tackling is grasping or encircling the body of the ball  carrier with a hand or arm. Grabbing the ball carriers clothing shall be penalized as tackling. If a defensive player reaches across the body of the ball carrier to pull flag and contact is made, the responsibility of the contact lies with the defensive player. The Offender could be disqualified if the act is flagrant.
*Illegal deflagging is prematurely pulling opponents flag with the intent of making the offensive player ineligible to become a ball carrier. (10 yards)
*Runner stripping occurs when a defender attempts to strip or take the ball from the grasp of a player who has the ball in a possessive position, this is a form of illegal deflagging.
*A defender may not push or throw a ball carrier out of bounds. Illegal deflagging.
*If quarterback was in forward motion when his flag was pulled, the pass is allowed. If passer is legally deflagged as he is passing the football, and later in that play  receives the ball back, he/she shall be downed at that spot. If he is deflagged after the released the football and he then receives the ball back, illegal deflagging should be called.
*Pretending to pull an opponents flag (raising empty hand intentionally) resulting in a quick whistle, the defense shall be penalized 10 yards.
*If the defense intercepts the ball the ball will be downed at point of interception.
*All players on offense that may handle the football must wear flags.
Ball Carrier- the responsibility of avoiding contact rest with the ball carrier. He/she must show the official they made an effort to avoid contact. The ball carrier will not deliberately run or dive into a defensive player. A ball carrier may spin or jump but not realize that while spinning or jumping he is in a state of non-control and should contact occur as a result of his uncontrolled momentum, he will be penalized. The stiff arm is illegal. All 10 yards.
*The ball carrier shall not protect his/her flag by blocking with his hand, arm or head, the opportunity to pull his flags. Flag guarding will be marked 10 yards.
Fumble- When a backward pass hits the ground between goal lines or a fumble occurs, the ball becomes dead and belongs to the team last in possession at the spot where the ball hits the ground or at the spot where the ball goes out of bounds (if in the air).
*Forward , offensive fumbles which cross and hit beyond the next line to pass or goal line will result in ball being marked dead at point of fumble or next down.
Center Snap- A center snap may touch the ground before it gets to the quarterback and remains playable if the quarterback fields it cleanly off of a bounce (one or more) or from the ground. However, if quarterback muffs the ball to the ground or the ball goes pass the quarterback it’s dead where the ball touches the ground.
*No quarterback sneaks if ball/team within 10yds from scoring touchdown. Ball must be handed off. This goes for extra pt. Also.
Punt- A punt will be marked by moving the ball 30 yards down the field or half the distance if under yards to goaline and team elects to punt.
Tie-Breaker- In the event of a tie game KY High School Rules will apply.(playoffs)
*During regular season a tie is a tie. NO OVERTIME
*(playoffs only) Ball will be placed on the 20 yard line and each team will have 4 consecutive plays in which to score in each overtime until we have a winner. After first overtime teams must go for two point conversion each time.

  1. Illegal Advancement- Advancement may not occur as a result of the ball being slapped,      kicked, pitched or pushed by either team in direction of their goal line. The ball will be declared dead at the spot of such illegal advancement and a 10 yard penalty.
  2. All teams will be in a tournament at the end of the year. Random draw for all teams.

*Only four coaches per team and each team is allowed two coaches on field for offense and defense. Once ball is snapped all coaches must no longer guide/direct players till play is whiStled over. If coach interferes with play team may be called for unsportsman like conduct and if multiple times then coach could be removed from game.

**Remember the referee are in charge of all games and have the right to enforce any action they feel must be taken during any ball game. All Divisions